Mills Family Winter Match Challenge


“When my family issued the challenge to Cradles to Crayons’ supporters to help meet increased demand for warm winter clothing, we had no idea of the unprecedented snow and harsh conditions that were days away. We are incredibly inspired by how quickly you rose to this challenge and how committed you are to making sure that children in need stay warm—even when the need for emergency orders increased four times. On behalf of all the local children your gifts helped keep safe, we thank you.”
–Bob Mills, Medfield, MA

Because of the incredible response to the Mills Family’s challenge, Cradles to Crayons’ supporters met the match and raised $25,000 for our Gear Up for Winter program—but there is more work to be done. Cradles to Crayons is seeing four times the demand of emergency orders for coats, hats, and boots during these dangerously low temperatures and snow accumulation.

Your gift will help continue the critical work we are doing to support local children in need through our Gear Up for Winter program. Thank you for your generosity!


“A Blizzard Of Perspective” from Barbara Howard”