Backpack-A-Thon Golden Pencil Awards

Ready for a little friendly competition? Does your team have what it takes to win a Golden Pencil Award?

Throughout the day, we’ll be keeping an eye out for excellence! Can your team pack a backpack while they bust a move? Or maybe you’re so organized that you have all your pencils in a row.

 Our prestigious Golden Pencil Awards will be given out at the end of the day to the teams who showed nothing lacking in their backpack packing!

Rookie of the Year

Show off your first-time skill set—newness doesn’t faze your team!

Old School Award

Your veteran skills set the pace for the day!

Families Helping Families

A family that plays together, stays together—especially when it’s in support of the community.

Dressed for Success

Fashion Week-worthy shirts and grace under fire—this team’s style sets trends.

Backpack Boogie Award

Dance moves only enhance this team’s productivity—conga line anyone?

MVP (Most Valuable Pencil)

You gave 110% percent all day with your commitment, skill, and passion for the cause—we couldn’t have done it without you!