Join us on Social Media, Donate an Outfit, and Serve One Million More Children!

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A Significant Milestone.

After 14 years in Boston, 9 in Philadelphia—and now recently opened Chicago—Cradles to Crayons is ready to celebrate ONE MILLION CHILDREN SERVED! This is a significant milestone for our organization and everyone who has supported us along the way.

But, with 31.4 million children living in low-income situations throughout the Unites States, this is a reminder that we are just beginning to see the impact of our mission—we have more work to do, more awareness to raise, and more communities to bring together to ensure that one day all children have the basic essentials they need to thrive in their childhood.

Spread the Word and Support Children in Need!

On Thursday, October 13, we are launching a social media campaign to raise awareness—and we need your help to generate more buzz, tell people about the need for everyday essentials, and get more support!

There are two easy ways to get involved:

Kidpacks_WebImage1. Personally engage your own social media networks.

2. Ask your Company, Organization, or Community’s Communications Team to get involved.

  • Encourage organizational participation on social media and donations internally and externally
  • Keep an eye on Cradles to Crayons’ social channels and sharing the #OneMillionChildren campaign assets we’ll be posting
  • The creative assets (video and infographics—Donate an outfit video, Infographics about Cradles to Crayons’ work, Statistics on poverty in BOS, PHL, and CHI) to share can be found here:

Here is some suggested social media language for everyone to share!


  • “This month, #CradlestoCrayons will celebrate serving #OneMillionChildren! With your help, they can serve one million more. Share this video and upload a photo of an outfit you plan to donate (and tag Cradles to Crayons so they can share)!”
  • “This October, #CradlestoCrayons celebrates serving #OneMillionChildren throughout 14 years and three sites—a significant milestone! Together we can help them serve another million children who need their support. Upload and tag Cradles to Crayons in a photo of an outfit you plan to donate!”
  • “This October, #CradlestoCrayons celebrates serving #OneMillionChildren—and we’re proud to have supported their mission for the past ________ years! There are 31.4 million children living in low-income situations in the U.S. today and, with your support, we can help millions more.
  • “One outfit makes a huge difference for a child living in poverty or homeless situations—upload a pic of yourself with the outfit you plan to donate and tag Cradles to Crayons so we can spread the word!”


  • “This month, we’re celebrating serving #OneMillionChildren. Help us serve one million more. Share this video and donate today! #CradlestoCrayons”
  • “#CradlestoCrayons celebrates #OneMillionChildren served! Show support by posting a pic of an outfit you plan to donate (tag @c2cboston).”
  • “Upload a pic of an outfit to donate (tag @c2cboston) to spread the word on #CradlestoCrayons’ commitment to support children in need.”
We are really excited to share this impact campaign with you and move towards supporting more children in need. Together we can make a difference!
Have questions or ideas about further engaging in this campaign? Email Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications, Kirsten Sims.
Thank you for all your ongoing support!