Outfit Pack Stories

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Help a kid like Jake, age 12

Jake, age 12, is one of three brothers. His mother is having difficulty making ends meet, and does not have the means to purchase new sneakers for the boys. They received two pairs of shoes from a neighbor, but were still left one pair short. Jake’s shoes are worn out and he is growing quickly, and soon will not be able to fit into them at all. His mom worries that she’ll have to keep him home from school and indoors until she can afford to buy him a new pair. Cradles to Crayons can provide Jake and his brothers with shoes, socks, and other clothing they need.

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1066592_2Help a kid like Anya, age 8

Anya is 8 years old and recently arrived at a shelter with her mother because her home was not safe. Because they had to leave in a hurry, Anya arrived with only the clothes on her back. The shelter provided her with a change of clothes but not enough to last a week. Anya was embarrassed when she had to wear the same shirt to school all week.

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 Help a kid like Josh, age 6

Josh, age 6, and his little sister are living with their mom. Mom is working full time, and struggles to cover all of the monthly expenses, plus provide clothing for her children. She’s been very worried about meeting her children’s needs. Their social worker placed an order this week with Cradles to Crayons for a spring jacket, pants, shirts, shoes, socks, and underwear. They’ll all be thankful for Cradles to Crayons packages.



Help a kid like Sarah, age 11

Sarah, age 11, is growing quickly and many of her clothes no longer fit. Sarah’s dad is having difficulty making ends meet, and can’t afford to buy her new clothing to wear to school. Sarah is uncomfortable in class because her clothes are too tight, so she has trouble concentrating and has been falling behind. She’s sometimes embarrassed to go outside to play during recess because it’s difficult for her to run around in her too-small pants. It is important for her to be able to pay attention in class and engage in physical exercise with her peers.

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