Family Leadership Circle

Empowering children.  Strengthening families.  Building community.

The Family Leadership Circle (FLC) is Cradles to Crayons’ group of generous and dedicated faRusso familymilies who play a critical role in sustaining our mission to provide local children with the essential items they need to thrive.

FLC members are invited to special events and given priority access to family volunteer opportunities, helping to foster empathy, community responsibility, and good citizenship in their children through the shared experience of volunteering and giving to children and families in need.

For less than the price of a daily cup of premium coffee, your family can make a difference in the lives of 30 local children this year.

Why join the Family Leadership Circle?

I think that families should join the FLC because it’s a great way for busy parents and kids to come together to learn about and to actually help families in need. As a mother, I know what the needs of a growing family are, how hard it can  be to meet those needs, and how quickly they change. I like volunteering at C2C because they directly serve individual children and have a high-impact, tangible effect on children. If we can teach our kids at an early age that it is important and satisfying to give to others, they will carry that lesson with them into adulthood. The FLC is a fun way to teach kids about the benefits of philanthropy.”   – Katie, FLC Parent

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Review membership benefits of the Family Leadership Circle

Join the FLC with an annual donation of $1,000 or more.  Quarterly ($250) and monthly ($84) payment options are available.

To find out more about the Family Leadership Circle, or to start your membership, please contact Suzanne Allen-Weise, Manager of Family Philanthropy at